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I try to be fair and transparent with my prices depending on how long it takes and how many people I do on the day. Some styles may not take as long as others, so I will factor that into the price. This is the reason why I don’t offer package prices, so you can clearly see what your paying for.


I charge £45 per hour for this service which usually takes no more than an hour if you have a good idea of what you want. We can try as many styles as you like until you’re happy with the finished look.

And for any reason if you’re not happy with the trial, you are not obliged to go ahead with the wedding hair - just the trial fee will be required.


I charge £50 per person on the day unless it’s just a blow dry, which would be £40, children, £20. Please note these prices may vary depending on what you and the wedding party require when we speak at the trial.


I don’t charge for travel to weddings within York, but for weddings further afield there will be a charge of 50p per mile to cover time and travel expenses.


Trial (price per hour) £45
Wedding Day £50
Blow Dry £40
Children £20

NB: All prices are per person